How American Parents are Failing

The United States is in an obvious uproar, again, over a very hostile subject. The subject is our children in harms way. Our children, are our treasure. But are we treating them as such?

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American children face a cold harsh world that presents them with constant violence, threats, and apprehensiveness. Our kids have been left to fend for themselves emotionally. Parents are more and more distracted, disconnected and physically unavailable. Nothing proves this better than the steep decline in parental involvement at school activities, groups, committees and volunteer efforts.

For a child, their parent or guardian is their entire world. Their egocentric view of life is natural and cannot be changed. So what happens when their parent is as I said, unavailable, disconnected and distracted? Where does a child get their source of support,  nurturing and connection?

In a home filled with verbal hate, emotionally outrages, physical outbursts and degradation of other races, sexes, religion, etc., one could argue that we breeding intolerance and hate. These statements and behaviors are modeled in front of our children, and where there is lack of connection to our own child, because of work, divorce, financial strain or the like, the child is only left with one hope. And that is to connected to their parent’s sense of hate. And the cycle is then reborn.

mental_traumaWhen a child seeks to connected and find nurture, acceptance, safety and love, and it is not easily given, that child will acquire it in other ways. One way, is to look for it outside the home, from someone who appears to give love easily. This is a doorway for child predators to enter. The same door is open and available to neighbors, coaches, teachers, other parents, relatives, even strangers. Children are looking for connection, for understanding and a source of acceptance regardless of performance.

A child can also look for these basic needs to be met from a parent who opposes him/herself to their other parent. This is the largest cause of pain a child can endure. It confuses the heart and mind of this impressionable youngster. Even in cases of domestic violence, a child feels torn between the batterer and the victim. Children do not breed violence, it become a coping skills after years¬† of crying out for help. Year of self-medicating with violence, video games, poor choices, and years of being met with neglect. How are your parenting skills? Do you connect with your offspring, or is that all they are? Regardless of what you bring to the table, you can bring love. In whatever form you can offer, give your child some love. Hug your child. Express your care. Connect. Do it today. Do it in the physical and not over the internet or through technology. Let them hear your voice. It doesn’t take much, they need you.

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