How to Heal for Domestic Violence Abuse Survivors

cropped-cropped-pexels-photo-308709.jpegFirst off, let me qualify this article by saying, “I wish someone sent this to me when I was recovering from the BLOW of Domestic Violence.” You may not even categorize yourself as a battered woman, but then again you may just be one without the bruises. Abuse has 5 categories: Sexual, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

Recovering from Domestic Violence is a journey through the manipulation and intimidation of emotional abuse, wound up with verbal, sexual or physical abuse. If you’re really lucky, it stayed out of the spiritual abuse arena… You can meditate and pray all you like but it WILL NOT stop abuse. That is and was up to you. You ARE in CHARGE now!

Healing is free and it can start before you finish this article. How long you stay the course depends and guard your mind and heart is up to you. Believe it or not, you have a choice. You have power. You are back in control.

Here are a list of the steps mentioned in the WikiHow article posted below.

1.) Take care of YOU- and cut communication or contact with your abuser.
2.) Challenge Negative Self-Talk
3.) Practice Peace- Sit still and quiet your mind (mindfulness)
4.) Exercise- (this increases healthy brain chemicals to fight off the abundance of stress created in your body.)
5.) Practice Gratitude
6.) Honor Yourself
7.) Reconnect with your hobbies
8.) Get Support

We will be developing more with our curriculum.

Amazing article that shows you what to do.


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