The Love Institute was founded in 2016 by Jessica Gaffney. Jessica is clinical social worker who provides counseling and coaching to families. Her career began as a domestic violence advocate, and teen dating violence speaker. Today she is an expert on abuse prevention. The Love Institute created the LOVE Principle which is a self-guided tool to enhance, strengthen and improve relationships in an effort to reduce the risk of abusive relationships.  At the Love Institute, we teach, coach and provide counseling to and coaching, couples, parents, and teens. When a relationship begins to fail, it simply means that one person’s needs have been put before the another’s, this leads to defensiveness and walls go up. The LOVE Principle can bring down those walls and repair communication at home.

The Love Institute is currently developing “Take Home” Curriculum comprised of video, exercises and reading for families and couples. The Love Principles were created from a bled of emotional needs and research, showing how and why teens need to relate to their caregivers over these four primary arenas.

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